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About Us

L.A. Home Improvement is located in             
Chicopee, MA. 
We are family owned & operated by:
Karl, Chris, Laura & Andrew Ferguson

Our goal is to solve our customers home repair problems with professional quality work & service at a fair price.

Our mission is to assess our customers needs and provide written price estimates to solve the problem or need. Once the estimate is accepted, we will professionally execute the repair working to exceed the customers expectations.

Our purpose is to have Karl working as a Carpenter everyday, doing the work to your home himself.  We are small, service oriented, not high-speed production oriented.  Many of our jobs still invoice for under $1,000.00.

 Serving our customers with professional quality work is only possible because our customers trust us personally & professionally. When you don't know who will be showing up to actually work on your home, you will need to be there while they work. Most of our customers either give us the key to their home or say 'lock up when you leave."  Our customers trust us.

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L.A. Home Improvement, Chicopee, Ma

Repairing & Remodeling Houses Since 1985                                                   
Licensed & Insured ~ MA. Reg #150361

Lead Safe Certified Contractor

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